Christmas 2018 Raffle

December 24, 2018 8:50 AM
By Geoff Duff
Christmas Tree Christmas Raffle

Christmas Tree

The New On-line Lib Dem Christmas Draw 2018

Raising money is hard work! Whatever we do requires a lot of time and effort from somebody to organise it. And our time can be better spent!

So, when we find something that can earn us funds without the time and effort we sit up and take notice:

This year the Lib Dem Christmas Draw will be on-line for the first time!

No more searching for pens, chequebooks, envelopes and stamps! No more paper wastage! No more harassed Local Party volunteers trying to coordinate, collect in and return ticket stubs and payments before the deadline!

By taking part we can raise much needed funds for supporting our candidates in next years local elections or should there be a snap General Election then we will be in a better position fight it.

Rochford, Rayleigh and Castle Point local party is already registered to take part in the 2018 Draw and buying tickets is easy and quick. Visit (click here --> ) the Christmas Draw which will take you directly to our section of the website.

Any tickets bought here will earn us approximately 70% commission.

All we have to do is each make the effort to buy a few tickets - and you could win a £2,000 holiday voucher or another of the other 30 great prizes.

Tickets cost £1 each and you can buy as few or as many as you wish. Payment is via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account - just click on the "pay by Credit or Debit card" button to make a one -off "guest" payment.

Please support us with this simple way of raising funds - and ask if your family and friends would be willing to buy a few tickets too.

Thank you!

Steve Tellis - Branch Chair

*The Christmas Draw has been run since 1995, organised by a committed team of volunteers who have so far raised £635,000. (£608,200 going to Local Parties and £26,800 for Lib Dem HQ funds).