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TOM HOLDER - Castle Point Liberal Democrats

Parliamentary Party Candidate

Personal Profile

Tom Holder, 31, worked as a secondary school Maths and Economics teacher in an inner London state school after graduating from the University of Oxford, where he focused on Economics and Politics. Tom later left teaching to pursue work in science communication, encouraging open dialogue on issues relating to biomedical science.

With a keen interest in education policy, Tom fervently believes that all children should have access to a high quality education that provides them with the necessary skills and aspirations to succeed. He is also a proponent of evidence-based policy, particularly on scientific issues such as climate change.
On the EU, Tom campaigned hard during the EU referendum to keep Britain in the world's largest single market. He still believes we must remain as close as possible to the EU - our largest trading partner. If elected he would vote to ensure the British people get a final say on our deal with the EU.

"I am excited by the opportunity to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate in Castle Point. The Liberal Democrats have shown they are now the only opposition to Theresa May's hard Brexit, and I truly believe that we must give the British people - not the politicians - the final say on any EU deal.

"The Conservatives have forced councils to cut services to the bone. Our NHS remains on the edge of crisis. Schools are being forced to remove staff. It's time for a change. The Liberal Democrats offer a vision of a fairer, more tolerant society that we can all be proud to live in. "