Issues and Concerns in Castle Point.

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What you think

  • Reductions in police funding leading to an over stretched police force less able protect citizens in Castle Point (50%)
  • Brexit and remaining in the EU to protect the economy, citizens rights and the environment (50%)
  • That more is spent on the NHS and roll back plans to consolidate A&E thoughout Essex (0%)
  • Reductions in education funding meaning that schools across Castle Point are faced with losing staff and cutting back on curriculum (0%)
  • Environmental issues and air pollution in Castle Point (0%)
  • Lack of local plan and consideration of infrastructure required to support development. (0%)
  • The threat to "Green Belt" , green spaces and woodland throughout Castle Point (0%)

What we think

Tom Holder would like to know what isues concern constiuents of Castle Point the most.

From speakng to people and having memebers that reside across Castle Point we think we know and hence the focus on the NHS ,

education and Brexit.

So your spending a few moments to complete this opinion poll will benefit us all to ensure those that govern understand your concerns.